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Wooden Corbel


Born in a Barn

Our business was quite literally born in a barn. When we started 8 years ago, we risked life and limb to salvage wood from dilapidated barns. It was dirty and dangerous work at times, but the wood was too beautiful to let rot. So, we'd scale the timber frame, crowbar in hand, and pry each board from its rusted nails and give it new life. Much has changed over the years for us, but from these roots emerged a company ethos and vision: to make home decor using reclaimed materials when possible, gather inspiration from the past, and get dirty making it ourselves.

As the company has evolved with home decor trends, we've stayed true to our founding ethos. We still use and incorporate reclaimed barn wood, but we've expanded to include modern manufacturing equipment--like our plasma, CNC router, and laser machine--that allows us to create and invent familiar, yet new styles.